Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23rd, 2009

I think I'll try to keep track of the things that are happening with mom here. Monday last, she was admitted to the Hospice program. This is because she has entered end-stage dementia. If you know the FAST scale, she has started to show signs of stage 7.

Yesterday, my wife and I took her regular bed out of her room. Hospice had recommended a hospital bed for her. That was nasty, for the rest of the day and night we smelled that bed... what a mess it was.

Today I met the hospice chaplain. He was nice. Mom was pretty out of it. She had a hard morning. Lots of tears and very unconsolabe, so she had recieved an adivan dosage. It helps to reduce the tears, but nocks her out too. Anyway, the chaplain and I talked, and we prayed together for mom.

I try to see mom at lunch time rather than go walking... It's showing on me too.. ;-) Some days she is chatty, others she simply cries. Breaks my heart knowing how smart she used to be, and knowing that she does actually know that she is losing it, even though she fights it some times....

Loss is part of life. I'm tired of loss...